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'Third Seven' consists of Billy Mickelson. He has played music his entire life, but has been performing music professionally full time since 2008. Consistently traveling in and with a number of bands. 'Mr Potato', 'Guardian Of The Underdog', 'Larry And His Flask', and 'Dela Project' to name a few.

As of late, Billy has been focusing his efforts to his solo work, 'Third Seven'. He has recieved such reviews as: "The world desperately needs the music of 'Third Seven' in their lives." .. and .. "'Third Seven' is 'Tom Waits' and 'Zoe Keating's love child." .. Having performed literally thousands of concerts internationally all around the world (Europe and beyond..), and opening for many acts including TEDx, Murder By Death, The Devil Makes Three, Larry And His Flask, Dirtwire, Beats Antique, and Yard Dogs Road Show to name just a few..

'Third Seven' knows no bounds. Performing everything from yoga classes to punk rock shows, and absolutely everything in between. Every venue and genre imaginable. - Below is a decent quality photo of Billy Mickelson, a handful of songs, and a high definition live performance video demonstrating Third Seven's work. 'Third Seven's one man band performance uses looping and layering of cello, rhythm and vocals to fill an entire audience with a unique atmosphere for all demographics to get lost in. It is a very important experience to witness this inspiring and dedicated artist.


-Billy Mickelson of Third Seven
phone: 1 541 350 4065
home: Cascadia, Oregon, U.S.A.

(video (c) 2012 jeb draper)

01 destination now download

02 something oceanic download

03 antihero download

04 cleansing fire download

05 alkymi download

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