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third seven
october 2011
tsr 018

robert kyniston (mysle), beau batts (mr potato), davey hemm (mr potato), jamin marshall (larry and his flask), jesse marshall (lahf), ian cook (lahf), randi hobbs (lahf), dallin bulkley (lahf), andrew carew (lahf), kirk skatvold (lahf), casey prather (dela project), travis derryberry, jessica miller (scuba painting), jeb draper (live video), mitch davis (live video), lita coulhart villanueva (water color), and the love of all those who have helped me be, billy mickelson

01 neon (third seven) listen - download
02 own home (mysle) listen - download
03 over (third seven) listen - download
04 full moon (mr potato) listen - download
05 debt to sleep (mr potato) listen - download
06 manifest destiny (larry and his flask) listen - download
07 pronounced misla (mysle) listen - download
08 monochromatic (third seven) listen - download
09 the devil's got me (dela project) listen - download
10 cleansing fire (dela project) listen - download
11 desperate nuance (live) listen - download
12 desperate nuance (live video) view - download
12 desperate nuance (live video) view - youtube
na download all

this album, 'guilt', serves as a sentimental compilation of the last ten years (2001-2011) of my career. all the friendships. all the music. all work performed. sincerely, i thank you all.

-billy mickelson

desperate nuance (third seven live video) was filmed at the albuquerque press club in albuquerque, new mexico on august 01, 2011. filmed by jeb draper and mitch davis.

(c) november 2008