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third seven
december 2014
tsr 029 - (view artwork)

billy mickelson (third seven)


01 passion listen - download
02 work performed listen - download
03 birth listen - download
04 cremation listen - download
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a live improvisational third seven performance at the emanuel vigeland mausoleum ( recorded in the dark in oslo, norway on 2014, august 22. one themed piece for each wall in the mausoleum of emanuel vigeland. dedicated to emanuel vigeland.

the sensuous sounds heard on '01 passion' are sampled from 'lust' by the dark ambient artist 'a child's first funeral'. all else is third seven. performed, recorded and engineered by billy mickelson. all reverb heard in this recording is all natural. cover art by emanuel vigeland.

let the flame rise to the ceiling
fuel the flames.

{ billy mickelson }

tusen takk.

(c) november 2008